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 The Exquisite Beauty Destination! 

Urbane Skin Lounge

Ο απόλυτος προορισμός ομορφιάς! Το ξεχωριστό Medi-City spa που χαρίζει στη σύγχρονη γυναίκα την καθημερινή ανανέωση που χρειάζεται.

Ένας πολυτελής χώρος στην καρδιά της Αθήνας εμπνευσμένος από spa 5 αστέρων και διάσημα ινστιτούτα αισθητικής.

Τα μαγικά όπλα

Τα επαγγελματικά προϊόντα βασίζονται σε ισχυρές φόρμουλες κοσμητικής και αισθητικής ιατρικής των διεθνώς αναγνωρισμένων οίκων BioJouvance Paris και EMA Clinical (Exclusive Medical Advancement).

Διατίθενται σε επαγγελματίες αισθητικούς, ινστιτούτα ομορφιάς, ιατρούς, spas και Medical spas.

Beauty Experts

Το εξειδικευμένο προσωπικό του Urbane Skin Lounge προτείνει έξυπνους τρόπους ώστε γρήγορα και πρακτικά να «ομορφύνετε» την ημέρα σας αναζωογονώντας σώμα και πνεύμα.

Μία επίσκεψη είναι αρκετή για να σας τονώσει τη διάθεση και φυσικά την επιδερμίδα!

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Urbane Skin: The exquisite City Spa, located in the heart of Athens offering women beauty and wellness services inspired by 5 star hotels and spa resorts from around the world.

With a philosophy deeply rooted in international “Savoir Faire – Savoir Beauté” Urbane Skin pioneers in the face and body Skin Care ensuring quality beauty and wellness services.

Urbane Skin focuses on holistic approach and uses professional cosmetic products of the highest standards to design custom-made solutions for your skin. Choose face or body treatments and treat yourself with therapies that really work.

Treatments of the highest quality based on a holistic approach mixed with professional cosmetics result in targeted solutions for your skin. Facial or Body treatment elevate your mood, feel relaxed and glow.

Beauty experts and aestheticians offer avant-garde beauty services that satisfy your needs. Urbane Skin team is highly trained, certified and will make you feel the difference from day one

No more nip tuck! Acclaimed dermatologists practice modern medical aesthetics providing advanced technological therapies with impressive results and no down-time.

Skin diagnostic test and face mapping techniques precede each skincare treatment to create the right therapy for your skin.

Make up Artists & Eyebrow Experts recommend the right make up and styling for your personality. Highlight your look with eyebrow shaping and high quality eyelash extensions.

Cosmetic products

Biochemistry and Nanotechnology join forces to serve beauty!

Cosmetics and ingredients chosen are of the highest priority for Urbane Skin. It’s know-how and international expertise in cosmetics, as well as research and development gives the company an edge when selecting ingredients. Moreover, the company exclusively represents international professional Skin Care brands in Greece: Bio Jouvance Paris and Ema Clinical (Exclusive Medical Advancement).

Bio Jouvance Paris presence in Skin Care goes back 80 years in developing cosmetics of the highest quality addressed to professional aestheticians, dermatologists and spas. Products are developed with Gemmotherapy, an innovative method based in skin cell therapy and BiogaphytR. Gemmotherapy is a form of herbal therapy that uses remedies made principally from the embryonic tissue of trees, plants and fruits. During the extraction of substances the method has the ability to preserve the extracts and capture 92-98% of their composition!

Clearly, the cosmetics produced have a high concentration of enzymes, vitamins and nutritional ingredients a fact that makes them ultra-efficient. The formulas produced are microcellular (light weighted) and as such have the ability to penetrate to deeper layers of the epidermis.

Whether you choose facial cleansing with ozon, or hyaluronic acid microspheres wrinkle filler you will observe the results from day one!

Ema Clinical produces award-winning medical aesthetic products based on the latest trends and techniques of cosmetology and biochemistry.

EMA Clinical develops smooth chemical peelings and fruit acids (AHA’s) in various concentrations with no recovery time. Further, the brand has developed recovery masques used in post recovery anti-aging and medical aesthetics procedures.

• Bio Jouvance Paris products are produced in France. Ema Clinical products are products in the USA.
• They comply with European rules and regulations for the production of cosmetics.
• Products are FDA approved.

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«Επέλεξα μία από τις πιο ωραίες περιοχές της Αθήνας, το Κολωνάκι, για να δώσω πνοή στο Urbane Skin Lounge. Έτσι, δημιουργήθηκε ένας design χώρος ευεξίας που είναι βασισμένος στα πρότυπα κορυφαίων «beauty προορισμών» που έχω επισκεφτεί στις μεγάλες πρωτεύουσες του κόσμου.  Μελέτησα τις ανάγκες της σύγχρονης Ελληνίδας και τις συνδύασα με τη φινέτσα και τις διεθνείς τάσεις της επιστήμης, της κοσμετολογίας και της ομορφιάς. Στο Urbane Skin Lounge εφαρμόζονται μοντέρνες μέθοδοι αισθητικής, ευεξίας και ήπιας ιατρικής αισθητικής με απόλυτο σεβασμό στον καταναλωτή και προσήλωση στις ανάγκες κάθε επιδερμίδας».
Τζωρτζίνα Καρέλλα-CEO Urbane Group


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